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Thursday, July 07, 2011


Someone actually named their daughter Renesmee. Renesmee is the invented name from the Twilight series. Edward and Bella have a daughter and give her this atrocious name after their Mother's names. It's a combo of Renee and Esmee. I admit it. I actually like Twilight. I don't think it's great literature but I enjoyed it. The thing I hated the most about the series was that name. It's just ugly beyond belief. What is wrong with people?


Anonymous said...

I believe the name should give them sometime to live up to and also be pleasant.I love Jesus and God so I have Biblical names for my Children.and It sounds Beautiful.Bad Spirits are attached to certain names and you wonder why your kid gets in trouble you names them after some demon.tyquan,blezane.orangello.that one is unstable jello.and he has a twin lemongello.People need to learn to read instead of looking at the dummy box.TV. AND JUST BECAUSE YOU NAME YOUR KIDS AFTER CELEBS OR THERE KIDS DONT MEAN THEY WILL BE FAMOUS.

Beth Wheeler said...

Ok I am an Atheist so God and the Bible have nothing to do with my childrens names however, I did take into consideration the fact that my kids have to live with their names for the rest of their lives, and why would I want to make that life more difficult then it already will be lol. Some people are just stupid! I am sorry to hear that people are so un original to name their child after a fictious child in a novel, but in the long run I have hear a hell of alot worse! Oh and to close, its almost as ridiulous to me that someone would think that "spirts" are attached to a NAME *rolls eyes* are you serious, they are words, not incantations. My name means "consecrated by god" doesnt make me anymore special then someone named Damien.