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Friday, November 12, 2010

A comment from a "fan"

really who ever this is you are dumb you get your kicks off from making fun of names... maybe they meant something to someone or whatever but you have no right to say dumb stuff about other people and butt yourself into the names that people choose... my name is one of those and i like the way it is spelt and so do alot of other people sorry but you have no life and i'm sure you having a boring name that is soooo common no one gives a F*** about it! Get a real life...
-starts with an S so figure it out BITCH!

Actually... I do have the right. It's called free speech. Look it up. 

You want me to guess your name? It starts with an "S"? Sorry..too easy. I won't go there. LOL


Anonymous said...

Some people are just...oh my God.

blahb31 said...

Let's see... bad grammar, misspellings, little capitalization, no punctuation, and swearing. That along with your name (whatever it is) is why you are not taken seriously.

My guess for this person name... sSseeriusleigh.

Anonymous said...

wow and let me guess u all named your kids sue and tom ,dick, or harry am i right.... at least my kids have names with meaning .