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Monday, August 09, 2010

Defend these names. I dare you!

I love when I get hate mail from people telling the names I post aren't bad names.  Really? Did you see these?

Myrikal Kalani
Camdyn Laighn
Shiplee D'Neen 
Jer'Morris LaVell 
Kay'Myiah Myi'Angell
Ja'Marion Ke'Shun
Jer'Morris LaVell
Kay'Myiah Myi'Angell
Ja'Marion Ke'Shun
 Eliotte Nicole
C'Rinit C'Ni
Campbell Nicole
Envy Shanice Nevaeh
Royal Chrisette-Jadore


Marie said...

My goodness what beautiful names! The parents who named these children must have been so smart. Why, just look at all those apostrophes and misspellings! I must be pretty dumb, because I would never be able to think of names like those. And to think I named my daughters girls' names, when according to these smart parents, I should have named them boys' names. Thank you Jane, for enlightening all of us.

Vera said...

Love this latest misspelled variation on "Miracle." And why name your kid "Envy"? It almost makes less sense than all those apostrophe names.