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Saturday, July 31, 2010

A new post!

(Nothing irks me more than seeing classic names misspelled.)
La'kenzie La'ree
Bru'Sean Nikolaos 
(That sounds brutal)
Jhearamyah Lamont 
(Jeremiah, is that you?)
My'laisha Renee 
Cardyarre Don'Shay
Cas'mir Nicole
R'Nyah Davon 
Cinsear Jahonesty
(He ain't no liar y'all!)
Nevaeh Angelica
Cypress Imani
Miley Alan
Koi Aide 
(The flow is bad. Koi is a fish. Aide is a word. )
Atom Jason
(Why? What's wrong with Adam? People are always going to think his name is Adam.)

1 comment:

Teen With Stupid Parents said...

Koi Aide reminds me of Kool-Aid