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Friday, April 23, 2010

Bad name trends for 2010

What do you think some of the trends will be in bad baby names for 2010? I think we will see even more male names given to girls. Misspelled male names on girls is hot right now. (Leighton, Leyton, Laetin etc)(Finley, Fynnli, Finleigh etc) (Mason, Maecin, Maysen etc) (Jackson, Jaxxen, Jaksyn) I think we will see more variations of popular names like Bryley in stead of Riley. I don't see the -aden trend dying just yet. Get ready to see loads more Xaidyn's, Payden's, Heydin's, Jaedon's, Treydon's, Rayden etc. I expect to see a rise in celebrity baby names like Sparrow, Kingston, Shiloh, just to name a few. All mangled and misspelled of course. (I saw Sparrowe for a girl. ) Names from cult tv shows and movies will see a rise like Echo from Dollhouse and Pandora and Navi from Avatar. I've noticed these trends picking up steam for some time now. It will be interesting to see if any of these names make the popular list for 2010. I'd be happy to see the 2009 list. Is it ever coming out? LOL

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