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Saturday, February 20, 2010

I think it's amusing when people send me negative comments that state that I must be a loser with no life to waste my time on this blog. If that is true, what does it say about you? That you have so little time to waste posting your angry comments to a loser like me. LOL! This blog is fun for me. I'm not an angry person. Some of the people who have sent me angry and threatening comments need anger management class. To the haters.. defend these horrible names! I dare you! LOL!


(Great name for a stripper!)
(So darling on a girl. Right? ::gags::)
(I wonder if the parents know what a mandolin is)
(I wonder her parents know what a gentry is)

(I can't believe someone would actually name their child after a famous vampire.)
(Named for clothes his parents probably can't afford.)
(I bet he goes by Aryk and changes the spelling to Erik when he's older.)
(This one never fails to amuse me. I cannot imagine a grown man called Rowdy.)

1 comment:

V said...

I really don't get it. What's good about using a badly misspelled word for a name? Though, even if spelled correctly, a name like Allure sounds inappropriate for a child, strippery for a woman, and narcissistic either way.