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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Why do girls always have uglier names than boys?

(It's not cool to name your kid after a team. )
(I think something got lost in translation)
(CASH or cash 'a"? Either way it's dumb.)
(What's next? Mykalsen? Wilsyn?)
Heavenlyn Myree
( yuck!)
Lybyrti Mikkel
(Hideous spelling/atrocious name)
Brennan Faith
(It's never cute to give a girl a male name)
Ryan Kate
(See above)
Maclyn Grace
(MASE lyn? MACK lyn? Gaggin!)
D'Coreyian King
(Well, he can always go by Corey)
Anistyn Raylee
Royalty Latonia
(I really hate the "royal" names trend)
Tiger Cason
(I bet the parents are already regretting this name)
Saint Desiree
(I guess the old standards Princess and Queen weren't good enough)
A'Ladreyianna Robyn I'Dreal
(I be the Mom doesn't remember how to pronounce this one either.)

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