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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Today's list


(How can anyone think that sounds cute for a girl?)

(At least it's not another Kayden, right?)

(This name is pure fug!)

(This is the second boy named Falcon I've seen recently. Are people actually naming their kids are idiot reality stars? )

(Cuz, it's like classy or something)

(Names that end in -ious always sound like diseases to me)

(Sounds like a comic book villian)

(More "disease" names)

Aviy'Awna Yevette
(Aviana would have been semi normal)

Memfiss Fay
(I really don't know if this is a girl or a boy. Memfiss looks ridiculous)

Kyndale Nykole
(I wonder if they are still pronouncing this name like Kendall Nicole. With this spelling it would be pronounced KYN dale NY kohl. ugh. Spelling matters. When you change spelling, you sometimes change pronunciaiton)

Divine Prophetia
(Sounds like a new miracle baldness drug)

Titan and Stone
(They'd better be as tough as their names because you know they will get harassed in school.)

1 comment:

Vera said...

Lynnix probably sounds like Linux. Her brother (or sister, who knows) might be called Unix or Younyx.