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Monday, November 09, 2009

(You know she will have one)
(A future match for In'Veigh?)
(They'll probably called her Cammi or Bridget. What's wrong with just naming her Bridget or Camile?)
(It's very on trend in the bad baby name world. It contains an apostrophe and the ever popular "y".)
(Also saw an Anaken)

(Looks like an ingredient in a beauty product)
(What is this?)
(It's not cute to name your kids after animals)
( He'd better be with a name like that.)
(So different from the 10 million other names that contain -ayden)
(That's a lot to live up to)
(Maybe they can get married some day?)

Lovelyn May
( least May is a cute name.)
In'Veigh Jacquetta
(What a sad excuse for a name)
Admire Rae
(What is with this command names?)
Eayston and Riyder
(This one made me sick. They have twin girls and can't think of one female name to give them. Why do people insist on giving girls misspelled male names? It doesn't make the name feminine. It makes the parents look illiterate.)

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Anonymous said...

Hello, My name is La Donna Lea. My mom combined two of her best friends names to create my first. I happen to love it. My daughter is Zada Marie. I found Zada in the bible and Marie is my moms middle name. My son is Russell Thelton. Russell is pretty common but Thelton is not. I have three grandchildren Rhiannon Lorl (a girl) is named after a Welsh God. Killian Graven ( a boy) is named after a beer and I don't know what. And then there is the
newest member Dezlynn Lea Erhen....sighs...poor lil' girl.
See what my mother started way back in 1966!!
I happen to love your site. Please keep on finding worse names than we have!!

La Donna Lea