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Thursday, April 09, 2009

I love when people try to insult me by saying that I must have no life or I need to get out and maybe exercise. If you hate this blog so much you shouldn't waste your previous time on here. This blog is not my life. It's a part of my life. I love to exercise. I biked 10 miles today. How about you? As for fugly names ... here are a few:

Ealexus (Sounds like an eco automobile)
Riot(This one actually shocked me bit. )
Gwenavire(Nice name. Stupid spelling)
Chantz(I absolutely hate spellings like this)
Zailor (Like Sailor only dumber)


Khaylee (LOVING MY NAME) said...

I must admit some of the names & spellings are ridiculous that you have posted but who gave you permission to post other people's children's names on this site under the title THE BAD BABY NAMES HALL OF SHAME...bitch, who are you? Obviously "A NOBODY"...Seriously are you even able to have children? Is that why you have so much time on your hands to do something like this? Go get a job if you are that bored and miserable with yourself! How about you blog about unfit mothers, parents who are abusive and/or neglectful not what someone has chosen to name their child! There are better things to do and more worse situations to be concerned about than baby names! Be an ADULT and get a LIFE!

&& I dare you to post this LAME BORED ASS BITCH! Plus why don't you identify yourself??? Your name must be so WACK & you must be sooooo insecure with must've been bullied in school and that's why you have nothing better to do than make fun of baby names, DIE SLOW SILLY BITCH!

Anonobeast said...

I disagree, Khaylee "I have a shit name". Some of the names posted here are child abuse. At the very least they are doing a giant disservice to the kid. People will judge little Prehshuss Maighyn based on her name. It's shallow but studies back this up time and time again.

In the "old days" peeps misspelled names generally out of ignorance. Now it's done purposefully. Who can create the most blingful moniker. This is sick.