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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lets talk spelling!

Misspelled names are one of my biggest pet peeves. Ask someone why they chose to spell their child's name a certain way and you will get any number of reasons. "Madyson is so unique compared to Madison. It makes her stand out." "Codee looks so feminine!" "Changing the -son ending to syn, sin, or sen makes it feminine." "We spelled Kyle, Cyle because all of our names start with "C". I have seriously witnessed people making similar claims on various internet baby naming forums. There is no reasoning with people who have this type of mentality. Here are some of my most hated misspellings..

Unnecessary letters:
Jaxxon/Jaxsen/(One "X" will suffice. You don't need an "X" and "S" because the "X" replaces cks)

Maddison, Addisson, Maxx , Robb etc

Blayke, Jaycob, Jayson, Brayden, Grayce , Shayne, Zoey(We know how to pronounce it. Stop making yourself look illiterate.)

Not enough letters:
Bret, Mat, Nicol, Ema, Clair, Mathew, Noa, Tod etc

Spellings that don't make sense ...
Alivia(It's not "A", it's "O" or ah)
Tra(Supposedly, it's pronounced like Trey)
Dontra(Supposed to be DON tray)
Carlye(Supposed to be Carly)

Male names that are spelled to look "feminine"
Anything that ends in son changed to sin, syn, sen etc


Claire said...

I've been reading your blog for awhile now, and think it's great! I agree with everything you write and have a really difficult time reading the "birth" section in the newspaper because of all the dreadful names and misspellings. Keep up the good work!

Mom of Nathan Daniel

Kimberlee said...

Who made it a rule or law on how someone is suppose to spell their childs name? Tell me where that is in the Constitution...& what's so wrong with being about that low-life!