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Friday, October 26, 2007

Kramer is a hideous name for anyone, especially a girl. Spelling it Kraimer doesn't help.

Is this even a real name?

You know she's going to go by Lynne.

It's never a good idea to name your kid after a fantasy movie character.
What can I say? The name says it all.

I bet his Mom will be on the Maury show soon

If you want to call her Maddie there is always Madeline.

Tacking Lyn/Lynn onto the end of a name does not make it feminine. FYI, Lynn is actually a male name.

This one is annoying for 3 obvious reasons..
# 1: Jackson is a surname/boy name.
#2: It's misspelled.
#3. X replaces the S. If you have X you don't need S.

If you want your child to have an unusual name give him a name that is actually uncommon these days. Don't add extra letters and misspell it. It just makes you look retarded.

Honestly, I think that's supposed to be honesty.

It looks like hah LYNN but I'm guessing it's supposed to be pronounced like Halen. Her parents are probably old Van Halen fans. How sad)

Jae what?

McEnough already!

I bet she won't love her name.

It's like they got it out of a how to give your kid a krappy name handbook.

I don't think his Mom remembers how to pronounce this one.
I'm guessing it's pronounced like the prison but it looks like RICK er)

Adding lee doesn't make it feminine. Lee is a male name!)

Please lay off the "ayden" names. It's not unique. She will be one of millions. There might not be many girls in her class named Hayden but there will definitely be boys named Hayden, and Caden, and Brayden, Jayden, etc.
Translation: Cadence

What? Oh well... He can go by Liam.

Look up Bray in the dictionary.

I bet they think it's pronounced TY gin.. His Mom should know how gyn is pronounced.

Awww.. how cute. She's named after a soap opera character.

That's as close as he'll get.

It's like Amber only worse.

You can spell it however you want, but it doesn't make it unique. It makes you look stupid.

First of all, it's TAY lur not TAYL ur. Learn how to speak properly and then work on your spelling.

Sounds like a type of bird.

There's not much to say about this one. It's a little too obvious.

How retarded!

Another believer of the if you misspell it, it makes it feminine club.

It reads lan DRY but I know they think it's Landry which is a male name.

A future wrestler or comic book hero.

I don't know if this is a girl or boy but he/she will definitely become a rap star.
I might be able to accept this as a nickname for a girl if her real named was Stephanie Katherine.
Who actually pronounces it like that?

Stevie-Kate will no doubt become her BFF.
(Swade Westin)
I never thought I'd prefer Wade.

(Brookleigh Savannah)
Brooke and Leigh are male and Savannah is a place not a name.

(Henley Grace)
She's named after an article of clothing.

(Blakely Elizabeth)
It's like Brookleigh only worse.

(Randilynn Celeste)
Well, Celeste is nice.

(Jurney Love)
Perfect Stripper name.

(Ireland Avery)
Irish people would never named their children Ireland. If you're so proud of your roots try giving her an actual Irish name like Ciara or Roisin. Oh yeah, and Avery isn't a female name.

(Mayson Lynn)
I'm suprised they didn't change the son to sun.

(Travontay De'Arrious)
Eek! He doesn't have much to work with.
(Se'Aira Marie)

(Mykadence Ashley)
She is their Kadence so don't you forget it!

(Emberln Kay)
It's not a typo. Her parents are idiots.
(Kamdyn Autumn)
The show hasn't been off the air that long. We still remember the Camden family. They were named Matt, Mary, Ruthie, Lucy etc.. No crappy names there.

(Jeighlynd Kiera)
Is there anything worse than a made up, ugly spelled name?

(Keaten Christine)
We still remember the Keaton's too. And the actor. Keaton is not a female name.

(Kinley Graham)
She has two surnames/male names. Way to go parents! I'm sure she won't think you really wanted a boy.

(Denver Skye)
The sky in Denver is beautiful but not so much that it makes this name ok.

(Rhapsody Lee)
Can you imagine someone calling their kid Rhapsody?

(Kyli Rhae)
Kylie Ray would have been bad enough.

(Brindy Rae)
Do they think that is Brandy?
(Cortlynn Jesstyne)
I know Cortlynn is supposed to be Courtland but what the heck is a Jesstyne?

(Prestyn Olivia)
That one seriously makes me want to vomit.

(Dani Jo)
Even if it was her nickname it wouldn't be ok.

(Jaycen Wyatt)
Jason nickname Jase would have be fine.

(Cambryn Jill)
Where are they getting these fugly names?

(Oakley Marie)
Named for a pair of sunglasses her parents can't afford.

(Audin Jane)
Just because a celeb used Auden that doesn't mean that you should.

(Bindi Rose)
There is only one Bindi.

(Jazzlynn Marie)
Why no raplynn or rocklynn?

(Andi Cheyenne)
Andi will always be a boy's nickname no matter how you misspell it.

(Aunesti Nicole)
Another misspelled Honesty.

(Jazalene L'Anna)
Even worse than Jazzlynn.

(Be'Yanka MiKyla)
Bianca Michaela would have been nice.

(Klaeton Anthony)
I'm just pleased it was a boy.

(Tru LaDonnah)
That would made me LOL

(Charlsi Ann)
Charli isn't bad enough on a girl so they had to invent a new one.

(Karliegh Ann)
What's wrong with Karly?

(Kaylexie Chianah)
Kay what?

(Meryck Adelyn)
If it ends in rick, it's not feminine.

(Macoi Jillian)

(Lacelyn Rose)
Another good stripper name.
(Rhaelin Jashon)
This is a boy. He can go always go by Rhae and spelled it Ray.

(Irelynd Mckinley)
Here we go again.
(Kaylex Nikko)
Sounds like a new prescription drug.
(Ransom Davis)
How is ransom considered a name?

(Iyaneesha Nevaeh)
There are no words.

(Cougar Stefan)
Named after the awful singer or the ugly car?

(DanielLynn Lovely)
Is it really Daniel Lynn? No comment on the lovely.

(Heaven Cindy Gean)
Well, Cindy isn't too bad.
(Raylynn Lorell Marie)

(Kapri Marie-Lyn)
Named for an ugly fashion trend.
(Sterling Skyy Leialoha)
Sterling is a good name for a butler.

(Shire June Destini)
Related to Stryder no doubt.
(Cambree Shea Alexis)

(Malaika-Mykkia Gabrielle-Forever)
Gabrielle is pretty.

(Semaurianna Mahlia Sherrell)
She can go by Anna.

Cam'ron and Ke'ron
(That's just mean.)

Mckenzie and Mckaylie(Siblings:Cody,Brody,Brittany)
If Brittany had a twin she'd be named Whitney.


Anonymous said...

My child's name is on your list. So, I check the list often and get a big kick out of these comments. I wish you commented on each one. I also wanted to add that some of these names are not that bad, although, some are "horrific". I have even written a few down for my next child.

Anonymous said...

My child's name is on your list, too. And I'm with the last comment, I've written down a few for my next also. So if you're trying to rid the world of these terrible names, looks like it isn't working.

Anonymous said...

My daughter's name is on this list as well. Considering over the years it was one that I thought was unique really isn't. As over the past couple of years it has become very popular and spelled a lot worse then my daughters. Although it is one of the worst on the list. My family's names are full of unique names. It is just people that are so petty that have to slam on others when they should be looking in the mirror.

Anonobeast said...

"Jane" the terrible namers are attempting to use reverse psychology on you. Don the tinfoil hat!

And do not, I repeat, do NOT look in the mirror.