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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Linslei Brooke

Shechinah Nic'Kayla
Diesel Eliud
Secret Rain

Reason Roxanne
Xayden Rashaun
Campbell Elizabeth
Merriweather Rose
Legend Wesley
Brooke-Lyn Marie
Beautiful Michaela
Praise Anastasia
Zy'Mareon Ke'Wontae
Divine Upuia Cecilia
Germy Bladimir
Sterling Ann
Miller Rose
J'dyn Issaiah
Dreyven Frank
Maryland Saleen
Randi Marie
Honey Rain
Brazzie Elaine
Greyson Bear
Dyalezah Monae
Drae Ashley

Danger Sebastian
Hensley Brinston
Braedyn My'Kai
Byre-Anna Entinia

Cambry Lynn
Bre'Yonna Denise

Abcde Renee
Laytyn Matthew
Thong Minh(I realize it's an ethnic name but it's still a bad name )
Stone Robert
McKoy Daniel
Storee Bryann
Andi Kay
Haskell Belle
Brylee Jade
Waverleigh Marie
Haedyn McKenzie
Mi'lynn Elizabeth
Skynia Amyra
Kouhyn Gaige
Abby-Gail Joan
Princeton Shane
Trashard Lowelle
Jeweliana Deandra
Kelbi Nicole
Holland Reece
Dayton Nortorious
Abilivion "Wakitta"
Leighton Nicole
Stormie ShiAnn
Canyon Noah
Madisyn Jewel
Ja'Kya Shacobe
Sinclair Faith
Montana Nicole
Kaytreyonna Carlayai
Ellison Anne
Cylerri Amane
Mason Violet
Brennan Conlee

Stone Rommell
Allyn Elizabeth
I'Kiareious LaShae

Emoree Layne
Grayson Anne
Bostyn Paul
Brently Gadge
Guiness Bronx

Synthany Ann
Kennis Patti
Brysun Vern
Brindee Lou
Caison Jaymes
Tierney Sloan
Trayvin Walter
Birdie Faye
Jemini Justene
Ryler Lee
Brinley Rose
Tayslie Ann
Arson Pierce
Kayd Kenny

Sage Elise
Oaklee Jean
Breigh Ann
Macyn Ann
Aydan Nichole
Crew Willkie
Emmalee Sue
Slader Kane
Meridian Grace
Kolby Mika
Kenidi Lynn
Krayten Reid
Boydee Dorthalena
Cedar MaKae
Albany Renae

Egypt Janae
Honestie NaJae
Englysh La'Miah
Tayli Mackelle
Anndi Mae
Bryton Nicole
Jazzlynn Tate
Lydia Jane
Randi Alexis
Syrhyn D'voe
Tayven Jay
Korbyn Antonio
Alixann Eve
Bayli Dawn
Sport Jobe
Kellyn Nichole
Kodie Nicole

Campbell Mattea
Casen Dale
Kash Hunter
Prezlee Lynn
Brayedon Kayne
Zalynd Alexander
Hayli Michal
Tenzly Rheann
Ayson River
A'rihanna Irie
Sheaden Michael
Parker Lauren
Rheygan Dena
Stayton Guy
Brinkley Belle
Kacelyn Sue
Garridon Clyde
Italya Nicole
Heaven Angel
Dallas McKenna
T'Sienna Nicole
O'Mya La-Shun
Jay-Den Nicole
Dakoda Wayne
Blayzon Ridge
Kaisen Knox

Leighton Cade
Myka Art Falcon
Presley Mary Ann
Kacedy Aime Colette
Alburne Alysa Deann
Kezlyn McKenna Lee
Egypt Vorrnity Adore
Loveiyona Emorej Nevaeh
Chandralynn Brindee Grace

Gaidge Billy Michael Joe
Keondranique Yarianna Monyea

Chaseton Reid(His siblings are Treston and Addilynn)
Skyelynn Sarah(Her siblings are Jacelynn and Daxton)
Kayden Rae(Her siblings:Kaylyn,Spencer,Cheyenne,Dakota)
Kinsley Rose and Kaysley Selene


MzStrader23 said...

Hello Jane,

My name is Ashanti, I know that you are probably some lonely old woman who has nothing better to do with you time. But I am the mother of Cyd'Nei Makaiyah, Nai'Zjianna, and Cerryniti and my childrens names ARE unique. I get compliments all the time about how beautiful their names are and just because you don't like them you should keep your comments to yourself. Like my father always told me opinions are like ASSHOLES and everybody has one so I guess your are entitled to your opinion. But you have some nerve to list any of these names in YOUR hall of shane.

Anonymous said...

Haha, your list is awesome.

I think I actually know the moron who named her "special and unique" child Emoree Layne

Anonymous said...

yeah... just so you know... my name is Kynslee Niccole... yeah... so i guess my name is shameful... GET OVER IT!!!! There's apparently another one to add to your damn list. My name is beautiful and it was unique when i was born... just because you think they're dumb because your name is so plain...

My name is amazing!!!
it took my mom and dad a long time to figure out my name and mom was singing in church and Kingsley was in the song she was singing, so she changed it up and my father chose my middle name... i was a gift from God, as was my name. Just because you don't like people's names, doesn't mean you have to make an entire site dedicated to how much you don't like them saying they are bad baby names....
You're a downright bitch!
Get over your plain name...
i think you're just jealous.

MrsHolloway said...

ahahhahahha!I have 2daughters named Honesti Aaliyah and Heavynn Helena Ne'Vaeh and I still think ur list is hilarious!I gave birth to my daughters when I was 18 and 19..I am 28 now and have sons named Christopher DeSean and Michael Lee Jerome see the difference?;)My daughters always get compliments on their names though lol

Anonbeast said...

Kynslee Niccole and that abominable list of scrabble spew, Ashanti manufactured, is beyond vile.

ASHANTI said...



It's funny how you will get online and post comments about people you don't know you must be just a lonely and miserable as the idiot who made this list!

MzStrader ~ Ashanti said...


It's funny how you will get online and post comments about people you don't know you must be just a lonely and miserable as the idiot who made this list!

Anonymous said...

hmmm. Am I being watched? I'm pretty sure no one else in the world has my name and yet it is on this list.... CReepy. With my middle name I sound like some kind of barnacle growth- but they're just last names, nothing invented.