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Sunday, June 04, 2006

a huge list of scary names

Bracken Corbett (Bracken sounds ugly. It reminds me of dirty, brackish water)
Brynlie Stone(This is a girl. Not only does she have a misspelled male name for a first name, she has a random word/object middle name that also sounds masculine. Way to go , parents!)
Burkeley Ashton(Not sure if it's a girl or a boy. I hope it's a boy. He can go by Burke. That's not too bad.)
Daislyn Nicole (All I hear is Days Inn)
Haydyn Sherry(A girl. Mispelled male first name and an alchohol middle name. How ncie)
Jinger Amara(I'm guessing it's Ginger. Ginger Amara would be beautiful compared to some of the names people give their kids these days. Jinger is not acceptable)
Nauticia Trinity(Named for the clothes her parents can't afford. The middle name is trashy people's idea of using a religious name)
Oakley Christina( Cause Oak is soooo feminine)
Reigin Dawn(I thought it was "Rain" and then I realized it was supposed to be Reagan. Either way it's hideous. )
Reign Tyler(Another gem for a girl)
Russten Jack Anthony (His Dad is named Russell. Russten sounds like rusting. It's not a good way to name the kid after his Dad. Russell Jr. or Jack Anthony Russell would have been fine. )
Shyler Aurora(Not to be confused with all of the Skylers out there)
Jamyson June(The name is Jameson or Jamieson. It's pronounced JAME ih son. Obviously, it's not a girl's name but this child is a girl)
Jensen Lynn(A girl with a first name than translates into Johnson)
Kambree Sage(I don't know what it is, but it's an ugly name for a girl)
MicKylie Lynn(The current Mc/Mac names are bad enough, we don't need to invent new ones)
Nevaleigh( A hideous new name)
OakLee Brielle(Looks even more stupid and masculine spelled that way)
Paigelee Ann(The parents probably couldn't decide on a name so they combined two names. It's never a good idea)
Paisley Ardith(named for an ugly fabric )
Rowdy Wesley(How can anyone be taken seriously with a name like Rowdy? And as a combo, Rowdy Wesley does not flow)
Brittyn Dawn(Her brother is Broker. Yeah, their parents are cruel)
Kennison Ann(Named after that horrible comedien?)
Skyra Madison(Sounds like a porn star)
Tru Zope (A celeb used Tru so it's becoming more popular. I don't know what the hecka Zope is)
Zvee Ann(Not a typo)
A'kendalyn E'Lise(It's a c'rappy, f'ugly name)
Anastyn Crysta (The only thing more pathetic than naming your kid after a celebrity's baby is naming the baby after the celebrity)
Aynslee Lou Ann (Brother is Adyn. Future siblings: Payn, Greighsyn, Jaykyb, Jordyn etc)
Erikalee Deana Marie(A bunch of 80s names combined. Lovely)
Gracious Nicole (And what if she becomes a rude cow?)
Kal-El Nicholas(Ok..superman freaks. If you have to name something after Superman, name your pet Kal-El. Name your kid Kaleb and call him Kal. Name him Clark. Just don't name him Kal-El)
Levy Joana(Odd, just odd)
McKenzie Locklear and Laken Montana(They had two chances and they still couldn't get it right)
Summerlei Renee (Another stripper name)
Leighashton Marie(Stop combining names especially ugly names!)
Ayden Grace(like the millionth girl with a misspelled boy's name)
Campbell Addison(a girl with two surnames. It doesn't make you sound classy. It makes you sound trashy)
Carsyn Corine(::sighs::)
Champton Victor( I pray he doesn't turn out to be a loser)
Cherish Mae(Sounds like a command)
Cleopatra Isabella( I'm sorry, but Cleopatra is the epitomy of a pretentious name)
Cougar Jameson(And his brothers will be Fox, Buck, Maverick, and Colton no doubt)
Cuba Allyn(A girl named after a communist country)
Deighton Morgan(a girl)
Dutch Alexandre(Dutch? yowza, that's mean)
Ellison Marie (There are plenty of girl's names that start with El. Ellison is pretentious)
Hensley Rhinehart(Yes, it's a girl)
High Matthew(His Dad actually passed down this name to him)
Kaeydence(Nothing worse than misspelled words used as names)
Kamden Grace(Oh wait.. there is something worse. A girl with a male name that is only rising to popularity becuase of the show 7th heaven)
Kansas Amirical(A LOL name)
Mayson Janis(Another girl)
Remington Jane(It's not that I have something against girl's names. It's just that people give girl's much worse names than boys)
Shelbilyn Joyce(eww, just eww)
Stormy Montana Grace(Well, Grace is nice)
Andersen Payne(This is a girl. It almost made me cry)
Carson Anna(GRR!)
De'Maryiana LaTrinity (De'I'ma trash'ee y'all)
Kirskey Burriss(girl)
CoCo Mckenzy(Another one that made me LOL )
Hadynn Ermajean(another "ew" name)
Lovely-Daysha(I hope she is lovely)
Sailor Nicole(Destined to grow up hating the water)
Skylie Dawn(Another stripper/porn star name)
Thunder Skyler(what is wrong with people?)
Truth Jaycen(A boy with a crappy name)
Zandyr James(The boys are not to be outdone)
Alabama Nichole(Some "celeb" from a "punk" band named his daughter Alabama)
Heavenly Angel(Destined to be satanic)
Jhy'Kirious Del Lorenz Yumaine(A boy)
Sable Victoria Rose
Siesta Mahaline(Does it make it better or worse that she was actually Mexican?)
Taeden Kelly Renee( a girl with a made up "aden" name)
Terranique Orbelle(Another "Ew" name)
Tesla Cole (Probably named for the lame 80s/90s hairband)
Woodrow Wilson(Another LOL name)
Rogue Padma(Saving the "best" for last. This is a girl)

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