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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Destyn Chance (boy) (I hate "message" names. How about Theodore or Matthew which mean gift from God?)
Ashlington(This is actually the name of a baby girl. You know she's going to be called Ashli so why do that to a kid?)
Brecken Iris(Breck reminds me of speck and with the Iris all I think of are eyes)
Carrington Jo(another baby girl with another pretentious/masculine name)
Chancellor Jeremie(A boy with a pretentious name. Chance is bad enough, but it's better than Chancellor)
Madysin Jenell(Changing the spelling makes a crappy name even crappier)
Marianna Marie(The problem is that Marianna and Marie are so obviously related. It's like naming her Marie Marie or Mary Mary or Maria Maria etc)
Roe Jagger(Ro could make a cute nickname. Jagger would never would be cute)
Scout RaeAnna(Okay...I love To kill a mockingbird too, but lets get real people. Scout and Atticus are not fit for actual people. )
Shooter(This is the name of an infant boy. His first outfit was a camo outfit and the message from the family said he's Daddy's new hunting partner. Way to map out the kid's life before he turns a year old. What if he grows up to hate hunting?)
Tyvin James(They're just making names up now)
Kaidyn Marie(No explanation needed by now)
Brinkley Faith(Named after the famous one? Doesn't matter...people will always assume she is)
Britton RaeAnne(Ugh. Just ugh.)
Channing Joy(File under pretentious)
Chaseton Gage(Sounds like a tool...)
Mar'Cellouse Antwone
Titan Allen
Kacedi Teigun(A girl. I'm amazed at the crazy ways that parents come up with to misspell hideous names)
Kadyn Mae(File under girls with misspelled overpopular boy names)
Ridley Lynn(This is a baby girl)
Wheeler(A boy)
Karsyn Paige(Another girl)
Aaydin Matthew(Irish people must cringe everytime they see this one misspelled)
Aikley DaWayne(So painful.)
Amystique Patricia (A LOL name)

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